So, there it goes the first episode of the apprentice 2011 the fairly standard here’s some money and a market, make me a profit task. As usual the candidates look like a proper mixed bag with a fair few er…. personalities, here’s a quick round up of my first impressions (warning if you haven’t seen it – look away now).


Edna: wow – is she going to rub someone up the wrong way quickly,  someone really early on said something she didn’t like and she looked like she was about to blow, not to mention the fact she was blatantly making up excuses for things all the way through the episode (she’s my ‘to hate’ candidate so far this year.

Melody: Another errr… strong personality but seems to have some effectiveness along with it there might be a bit of potential here, and after all her plan won!

Jim Eastwood & Gavin Winstanley: both seem like pretty straight guys, and basically competent – actually found myself more or less liking both of these two by the end.

Ellie: There’s definite comedy value here, with the not knowing how to spell vegetable, and the brilliant comment along the lines of “I wouldn’t eat it, but who knows I haven’t been in London that long” or whatever it was, recon she might bethe Baggs of this series, on value alone.

Edward: What an idiot, managed to be both a bad project manager, a useless accountant, and basically a tit – so no surprises for me when he got fired – especially when he took a couple of the more benign members of the team into the boardroom. What a muppet.

As for the others (including Felicity, who I’m backing) er, didn’t see much of you. Any chance you could sort of do something (or at least near a camera), then we might have an idea of who’ll win.

Quote of the week has to be “I’m the youngest, I’m also the shortest” – best way to attempt not to get fired ever, shame it didn’t work.