So anyone who knows me well will know I’m a bit of a fan of The Apprentice (ok… a borderline obsessive) – I’ve been watching the program since towards the end of the first series. I’ve been pretty much been hooked by the bizarre entertainment offered by a load of people who are supposedly business professionals proving that actually they mostly haven’t a bloody clue since the very beginning. The new series starts on May 10th on BBC1 at 9pm, and will give me something to do on Wednesday nights for a couple of months! The candidates for this series were announced today – and look like the usual mixed bunch of people with more confidence than discernible talent.

Since the 3rd series I and a few of my friends have ‘backed a candidate’ each based on their photo (and nothing else) – as there’s only 4 of us and we’ve picked ours I thought I’d open the rest up to blog reading types! There’s no prize or anything, but it makes the program more fun as we get a bit competitive (I backed Stella last year who went on to win – and am hoping to repeat my feat this year).

The candidates list as follows:

The Candidates

  • Leon Doyle
  • Alex Britez Cabral
  • Melody Hossaini
  • Felicity Jackson (taken by me!)
  • Edna Agbarha
  • Susan Ma (taken by @robjstyles)
  • Ellie Reed (taken by @RobFarrington)
  • Helen Louise Milligan (@AdamJTaylor)
  • Natasha Scribbins
  • Vincent Disneur
  • Jim Eastwood (taken by @WibbLarque)
  • Edward Hunter
  • Gavin Winstanley (taken by @Kate_Harrington)
  • Tom Pellereau (taken by @MissWimsett)
  • Glenn Ward (taken by @D_C_W)
  • Zoe Beresford (@thewelshbrummie)

Have a look at the candidates and make your choice on The Spy.

If you fancy backing one of the others (beware this exposes you to ridicule if your candidate does something particularly stupid during the show) stick a comment below with your choice and twitter ID!

As ever I’ll be tweeting/blogging along to the series (I’ll try not to get too carried away this year… but no promises!)