So, I am entering a brave new world – my company in its infinite wisdom has decided that it’s time to wave goodbye to good old dependable Dell & Windows and say hello to racier shinier Apple. As a technical type person within the company I’ve found myself being part of the pilot phase (Alpha testing, call it what you will….) – on the way back to sunny Hampshire having received my Macbook it occurred to me that it might be a useful activity (for me as much as you, although good to have you along…!) to record my thoughts/feelings/opinions/experiences. I intend to be entirely honest, as such if use a piece of software or whatever and think that’s great, I shall record it here. If I find myself thinking “I could do this better with Windows/Ubuntu”, then I’ll be jotting that down too.

Firstly (for anyone who’s stumbled across this blog by accident and doesn’t actually know me – a little bit of a background on me):

  • I have quite literally been brought up with PCs – and in some ways, was an early adopter – when Windows was at the cutting edge. I had windows 2.0 the first PC I had to myself (an old IBM AT) – and I moved through 3.1, 3.11 before being early to take the big leap to the strange new world of windows 95 with its fantastic new interface.
  • I’ve not only used windows, I’m above average on command line Linux, and have tinkered about with Ubuntu’s GUIs (KDE and Gnome flavours, and the new unity) – I’ve used Unix occasionally on Sun and Silicon graphics machines (going back a few years) and my fist computing experiences were in the murky world of acorn and BBC, so I’ve not always done things Bill Gates’ way by any means
  • My home desktop PC has ALWAYS been Windows
  • I have always used Windows in the workplace (unless you count the odd Redhat Web/File Server and some ubuntu boxes for playing with)
  • I am a “power user” – I have in the past looked after active directory infrastructure, software distribution etc. I’m the one that tells you to turn it off and on again, not the one who’s calling up support.
  • I’m a fiddler – I’ll mess about with a computer until it does what I want it to, and can take several weeks to give up and ask someone else’s advice (although I will google things)
  • I have an iPad (also works) – so am not totally unfamiliar with Apple kit.
  • I have certain preconceptions about Mac Hardware/Software and most importantly the sort of people who’d use these devices – which will be the subject of this blog.

So, here we go with my preconceptions (I’m not saying there’s any factual basis in the following – but it’s always been the impressions I’ve had) before I enter the brave new mac world.

Macs are for arty types

You know what I mean; graphic designers, music producers, web designers. They’re machines for the people who make arty stuff, and as such the applications they have for doing this (photoshop, protools etc.) are great on a mac and do the job they do really well. Macs don’t really sit with an accountant or an office it guy – these people belong in the corner typing into MS word on a dull grey box, it’s just the natural order of things.

Macs are style over substance

Even I with my general stubbornness, and complete lack of anything that could be called ‘style’ can’t pretend for a second that the MacBook isn’t pretty. It’s a really nice piece of hardware, which just feels well-built and solid – but that’s next to useless if the software inside the box isn’t up to much, at the end of the day an office PC needs to be functional not pretty – and I’m assessing the usefulness of the Mac in replacing my HP in the office, not the PC at home I use for listening to music/watching videos.

I see having a mic/iPhone/iTouch as being a brand statement, something the cool kids do – and I’ve never been one of the cool kids – and I’ve never been an uber geek. I view having a mac like having to have the right brand of car/trousers/jeans etc… and that’s not just me. I dress comfortably and drive what I’m given – ultimately I’ve never been one to fall into line with any stereotypes, and I don’t intend to now, but I guess we’ll see…

Macs are overpriced

Not really my problem in this case, as the machine is provided by my employer, but given this machine retail price would cost in the region of twice an equivalent spec Dell – I’d really hope it could perform in a way which would justify this (both the hardware & software)

Mac users are a cult

I have no allegiance to Microsoft or Linux in any way, both have pros and cons – and I often flip between the two depending on which is best placed for the task I’m doing. I generally code in Ubuntu – I use windows for media consumption as I’m totally happy with the software environment I use for this. Now I have a mac at my disposal I totally expect it will usurp on of the other platforms for some tasks as I naturally expect it to outperform the other platforms for some applications (see previous point). However mac users aren’t like you and me (unless you are one) – they’re Obsessed, their mac can do no wrong in their eyes – and can perform every application under the sun better than any other computer ever formed, and as soon as a new one comes out you bet they’ll be opening their wallets up and letting Mr Jobs in, “What Mr Farrington – your home PC is 7 years old – ha ha, how can you live with such a dinosaur” – they’ll ask, surely you wanted to buy a new and slightly shinier one a year later because someone told you to. Well actually no, it still does everything I need it to without causing me any frustrations – why would I replace it. I regularly voice my irritation with (particularly) Windows, but also Linux when I can’t do exactly what I want to out of the box, you’ll never hear this from a mac user – if it doesn’t do what they want it to, it must be them that’s in the wrong.

I’ve regularly got into arguments with a couple of quite vocal mac users keen to defend their shiny pieces of metal when I’ve said “but does it do this, can it do this” and start going on about me “being a PC” (I’m not I’m a person) etc…. and being some kind of dinosaur for daring to suggest that the millions of PC users probably aren’t wrong.

Apple are an evil corporation

Microsoft get a lot of stick, and a lot of it is justified for being an evil corporation – but more or less from day 1 Mr Gates and co haven’t prescribed what hardware is required to run their software, nor have they attempted to control what software can be run on their platform in any way, and yes I understand that this leads to some of Windows’ traditional instabilities and leaves it open in some respects to viruses and the like – however it also means that there’s an open market in both hardware and software (yes folks, that’s why PCs are cheaper, as there’s real competition between vendors) the attitude of Apple has always struck me as the opposite of this – I’m always amused when Mac types start going on about “evil microsoft” – as at the end of the day Apple isn’t run by Ben & Jerry’s hippies meditating on bean bags, it’s run by people every bit as ruthless as those on the other side of the silicon fence. If you want socks and sandals – run Linux!

As I’ve said these are just my preconceptions if you’d asked me in 2008 what I thought of macs I’d say all of the above. When I first suggested writing this all up as a blog on the twitter one very vocal mac type I’ve many times baited argued with on the subject, suggested I’d be writing a blog entirely eating my own words. Well above are my own words, and in many way I hope to be eating them over the coming months. I don’t believe I’ll be completely renouncing the PC, and saving up to replace my old dependable Win 7 machine with a shiny box any time soon, the future is multiplatform and I’ll be running windows, linux and the company mac for a good while to come – but who knows, anything can happen!

I plan to do this more or less weekly updating you (and as such me) with the little niggles, and any big issues I come across – who knows you might even be able to give me some tips to help me get along with the new challenge.

I’m set in my ways, and out of my comfort zone – but I managed to write all of this on the Mac without combusting so who knows – I may be just fine.