To-do list book. © by koalazymonkey

So, I’ve been thinking a bit recently and have come to the conclusion I’ve become a little bit stuck in a rut. I’ve got quite a lot of time on my hands and am struggling to come up with stuff to do with it, not to mention finding myself doing basically the same thing every weekend. Due to my relatively low boredom threshold I’m not very good at just sitting watching TV/reading a book so I need to find something better to amuse myself with.

I figured the most sensible thing to do is to set myself a challenge to do at least one thing a month which I’ve never done before – and assuming I don’t do what I normally do when I get an idea into my head and forget about it/get bored of it/suddenly run out of all available time I’ll try and record my sucesses/failures here. I plan to pretty much do one of these a month for the 26th year of my life (which conveniently starts next friday).

Anyway, this is where you come in – as I need inspiration for things to do to complete my task.  I’ve losely defined ‘never done before’ as “not done in the last 10 years” which takes me back to 16 and finishing my GCSEs, and my only real restrictions on the task is I’m not doing anything which I have a preexisting fear of (skydiving, bungee jumping, you get the idea….). I can’t promise doing everything that’s suggested (especially as I predict at least one suggestion designed to humliate/embarass me) but I’ll give a few of the better ones a go. I’d also love a guide/company on any of the suggested activities if you’d be up for it…